• All-in-One Compact Charger for JVC Batteries, DVU-JVC1
All-in-one compact charger for JVC digital camera/camcorder batteries

Replaces JVC batteries:
BN-V37, BN-V37U, BN-V107, BN-V114, BN-V408, BN-V416, BN-V428, BN-V438, BN-V707, BN-V714, BN-V733, BN-V712, BN-V812, BN-V814, BN-VF808, BN-VF815, BN-VF823, BN-VM200

UPC: 9322005601
Fits models:
EMPIRE BLI-309, BLI-309-105. BLI-309-203, BLI-392
JVC BN114U, BN200U, BN200US, BN438U, BN707U, BN712U, BN714, BN714U, BN733U, BNV107, BNV107U, BNV114, BNV408, BNV408U, BNV416U, BNV428U, BNV712, BNV714, BNV812U, BNV814U, BNV970U, BNVF707, BNVF733, BNVF808, BNVF815, BNVF823, BNVM200, CUVH1US, DRX5, EVEREIO GZ21, EVEREIO GZ27, EVEREIO GZ37, GZ500, EVEREIO GZ50US, EVEREIO GZ77, EVEREIO GZMG20US, EVEREIO GZMG30US, EVEREIO GZMG35US, EVEREIO GZMG40US, EVEREIO GZMG70US, GR120, GR150, GR150U, GR1U, GR1W, GR2, GR200, GR2000, GR2000U, GR200US, GR210, GR210U, GR220U, GR230UA, GR250, GR250US, FR257, GR257U, GR27, GR270, GR271, GR271US, GR275, GR290, GR290US, GR295US, GR3, GR30, GR300, GR305, GR305U, GR307U, GR308, GR309U, GR31, GR310U, GR315, GR315U, GR317U, GR31US, GR320, GR320U, GR33, GR33US, GR355U, GR357, GR370, GR395, GR396, GR3U, GR4000, GR4000US, GR400U, GR410, GR430, GR430US, GR450, GR470, GR470US, GR5, GR500US, GR505U, GR507U, GR510, GR515, GR517, GR517U, GR522U, GR540, GR550US, GR557, GR557U, GR565, GR570, GR600, GR650, GR70E, GR70US, GR71US, GR72, GR720, GR725, GR725U, GR72US, GR74US, GR77, GR70E, GR7U, GR7US, GR800US, GR805U, GR815, GR815U, GR850, GR820U, GR822U, GR9000U, GR90US, GR91, GR915, GR915U, GR920U, GR93, GR93US, GR94US, GR95, GR97, GR9U, GR9US, GRD200, GRD22UD, GRD240, GRD270US, GR275US, GRD295, GRD30US, GRD32US, GRD347U, GRD350, GRD70, GRD73US, GRD91US, GRDF420, GRDF450US, GRDF550, GRDF570US, GRDV1, GRDV14, GRDV1800, GRDV3000U, GRDV500, GRDV800, GRDVJ70, GRDVL100U, GRDVL105U, GRDVL107U, GRDVL108U, GRDVL109U, GRDVL157, GRDVL200, GRDVL300U, GRDVL307, GRDVL310, GRDVL317, GRDVL355, GRDVL357U, GRDVL500U, GRDVL510U, GRDVL520522, GRDVL555, GRDVL715, GRDVL800U, GRDVL817, GRDVL822, GRDVL9000, GRDVL910, GRDVL920, GRDVM1, GRDVP1, GRDVP7, GRDVP9, GRDVX307U, GRDX307U, GRDX75, GRDZ7, GRDZ7U, GRHD1, GRHD1US, GRVBM1, GRX5, GYDV300, GYDV300U, GYHD100U, GZ100E, GZ100EK, GZ100US, GZ200E, GZ200US, GZ21, GZ27, GZ37, GZ500US, GZ505, GZ57, GZ77, GZMC100, GZMC100EX, GZMC200, GZMC500, GZMG20, JYHD10, JYHD10U, JYHD10US, LY34416001B
RCA BC40, BDC40, CC900D, CC9360, CC9370

Universal two-sided design.
Quick Charge
Easy to use
UL to auto cut-off
100-240V for worldwide travel

Weight: 1.1 lbs
Chemistry Li-Ion
Color Gray
Connector Type AC, DC
Dimension Units Inches

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All-in-One Compact Charger for JVC Batteries, DVU-JVC1

  • Product Code: DVU-JVC1
  • UPC: 009322005601
  • Availability: 1
  • $29.95


bn114u, bn200u, bn200us, bn438u, bn707u, bn712u, bn714, bn714u, bn733u, bnv107, bnv107u, bnv114, bnv408, bnv408u, bnv416u, bnv428u, bnv712, bnv714, bnv812u, bnv814u, bnv970u, bnvf707, bnvf733, bnvf808, bnvf815, bnvf823, bnvm200, cuvh1us, drx5, everio gz21, everio gz27, everio gz37, everio gz500, everio gz50us, everio gz77, everio gzmg20us, everio gzmg30us, everio gzmg35us, everio gzmg40us, everio gzmg70us, gr120, gr150, gr150u, gr1u, gr1w, gr2, gr200, gr2000, gr2000u, gr200us, gr210, gr210u, gr220u, gr230us, gr250, gr250us, gr257, gr257u, gr27, gr270, gr271, gr271us, gr275, gr290, gr290us, gr295us, gr3, gr30, gr300, gr305, gr305u, gr307u, gr308, gr309u, gr31, gr310u, gr315, gr315u, gr317u, gr31us, gr320, gr320u, gr33, gr33us, gr355u, gr357, gr370, gr395, gr396, gr3u, gr4000, gr4000us, gr400u, gr410, gr430, gr430us, gr450, gr470, gr470us, gr5, gr500us, gr505u, gr507u, gr510, gr515, gr517, gr517u, gr522u, gr540, gr550us, gr557, gr557u, gr565, gr570, gr600, gr650, gr70e, gr70us, gr71us, gr72, gr720, gr725, gr725u, gr72us, gr74us, gr77, gr7oe, gr7u, gr7us, gr800us, gr805u, gr815, gr815u, gr820, gr820u, gr822u, gr9000u, gr90us, gr91, gr915, gr915u, gr920u, gr93, gr93us, gr94us, gr95, gr97, gr9u, gr9us, grd200, grd22us, grd240, grd270us, grd275us, grd295, grd30us, grd32us, grd347u, grd350, grd70, grd73us, grd91us, grdf420, grdf450us, grdf550, grdf570us, grdv1, grdv14, grdv1800, grdv3000u, grdv500, grdv800, grdvj70, grdvl100u, grdvl105u, grdvl107u, grdvl108u, grdvl109u, grdvl157, grdvl200, grdvl300u, grdvl307, grdvl310, grdvl317, grdvl355, grdvl357u, grdvl500u, grdvl510u, grdvl520522, grdvl555, grdvl715, grdvl800u, grdvl817, grdvl822, grdvl9000, grdvl910, grdvl920, grdvm1, grdvp1, grdvp7, grdvp9, grdvx307u, grdx307u, grdx75, grdz7, grdz7u, grhd1, grhd1us, grvbm1, grx5, gydv300, gydv300u, gyhd100u, gz100e, gz100ek, gz100us, gz200e, gz200us, gz21, gz27, gz37, gz500us, gz505, gz57, gz77, gzmc100, gzmc100ex, gzmc200, gzmc500, gzmg20, jyhd10, jyhd10u, jyhd10us, ly34416001b, bn-v37, bn-v37u, bn-v107, bn-v114, bn-v408, bn-v416, bn-v428, bn-v438, bn-v707, bn-v714, bn-v733, bn-v712, bn-v812, bn-v814, bn-vf808, bn-vf815, bn-vf823, bn-vm200, panasonic agbp15, agbp15p, agez1, agez20, agez30, cgrb202, cgrb403, cgrb814, nvde3, nvdj1, nvdj100, nvds1, nvds5, nvdx1, nvdx100, pvd1000, pvd700, pvd710, pvdbp5, pvdv1000, pvdv700, pvdv950, pvsd4090, pvsd5000, vwvbd1, vwvbd1e, vwvbd2