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Panasonic DECT AAA NiMh AAA Cordless Phone Batteries, 2/pack

1.2V 700mah

Designed specifically for Panasonic Cordless Telephones

Fits Series: KXTG1000, KXTG4000, KXTG4100, KXTG4700, KXTG6300, KXTG6400, KXTG6600, KXTG7400, KXTG7500, KXTG7600, KXTG7700, KXTG8000, KXTG8200, KXTG9300, KXTG9400

Fits Models: KXTG113, KXTG243, KXTG265, KXTG4311, KXTG4312, KXTG4313, KXTG8412, KXTGA101, KXTGA106, KXTGA402, KXTGA410, KXTGA631, KXTGA641, KXTGA642, KXTGA652, KXTGA653, KXTGA659, KXTGA660, KXTGA740, KXTGA750, KXTGA805, KXTGA820, KXTGA840, KXTGA930, KXTGA931, KXTGA936, KX-HN6000W, KX-HN6003W, KX-HN6006SK, KX-HNH100W

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Panasonic DECT AAA NiMh AAA Cordless Phone Batteries, 2/pack, HHR-4DPA/2B

  • Model: HHR-4DPA/2B
  • UPC: 073096401105
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Availability: 15
  • $8.65