• Interstate Brand, SLA1055, 12v 5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery, T1
Interstate 12 volt 5 amp Sealed Lead Acid AGM Maintenance Free Rechargeable Battery, SLA1055
(Power Patrol Brand is made by Interstate Battery)

General Purpose - NOT Recommended for Mobility Applications

Replaces: BP4-12, BP4.5-12, ES4-12, GP1245 (GP 1245), HGL5-12, HZS12-5, LC-RB124P, LC-RB125P, NP4-12, NP5-12, PS-1242, PS-1250, PX12050, UB1245, UB1250, WP4-12, WKA12-5F

Does NOT Replace BP4.5-12RT

IEC 61056-1

APC UPS Compatibility: APC RBC29, RBC30, RBC43, RBC45, RBC46, BE500, BE500ES, SUA2200, SUA2200-BR, SUA2200I, SUA2200JB, SUA3000, SUA3000-BR, SUA3000I, SUA3000JB, SUA3000XL, SUA3000XLT, SUA5000R5TXFMR, SUA5000RMI5U

Belkin UPS Compatibility: BERBC42, BERBC53, BU304000, F6C350, F6C500-USB-MAC, F6C525-SER, F6C550fcAVR, F6C550odmAVR, F6C550spAVR, F6C650-USB-MAC, F6C800, F6C900-UNV, F6C900fcUNV, F6C900odmUNV, F6C900spUNV, F6C1000-TW-RK, F6C1000ei-TW-RK, F6C1100-UNV, F6C1100fcUNV, F6C1100spUNV, F6C1200-UNV, F6C1250-BAT, F6C1250-BAT-RK, F6C1250ei-TW-RK, F6C1500-TW-RK, F6H125-BAT< F6H350, F6H375-USB, F6H375odmUSB, F6HspUSB, F6H500, F6H500-USB, Omniguard 1500, Pro F6C325

Note: If you are replacing a UPS battery, please note that many models require more than one battery.

Used in Backup UPS, emergency lighting and other applications. Ah Capacity tested at a 20 hour rate.

Also known as:
SLA or Sealed Lead Acid
VRLA or Valve Regulated Lead Acid
AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat
Compatible with Gel Cell applications

1 year limited manufacturer's warranty

Terminal Configuration:

Terminal Type:

California Proposition 65

Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Visit p65warnings.ca.gov for more information.

Capacity 5.0
Capacity Units Ah
Chemistry Lead Acid
Connector Type T1/F1
Dimension Units Inches
Terminal Config 3
Terminal Type T1
Voltage 12.00
Mfr. Spec Sheet Download

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Interstate Brand, SLA1055, 12v 5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery, T1

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