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MAG-NUM STAR II Bi-Pin Replacement Lamp Retrofit

Follow these instructions to complete a bi-pin lamp retrofit of your Mag Lite flashlight.

1. Unscrew the entire head assembly.

2. Unscrew and...

3. ...remove the old retaining collar. You will be replacing this with the new collar.

4. Remove the old lamp.

5. Insert the 'Bi-Pin' lamp adapter (silver colored contact end in first).

6. Secure with the new retaining collar by...

7. ...applying a slight amount of downward pressure to catch the threads. Hand tighten retaining collar.

8. Insert pins of new 'Bi-Pin' lamp into the two holes of the adapter. Do not bend or twist the lamp pins.

9. Make sure lamp is fully seated.

Place a small amount of petroleum jelly on threads and rubber O-rings and re-install head assembly.
Warning: If the pins of the lamp are bent or twisted so as to contact one another, this could short circuit the flashlight and cause heat generation. Do not let children install or tamper with the lamp.

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