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201-191 Maglite Tailcap fits the Halogen MagCharger Rechargeable Flashlight and the 2-7 D Cell Flashlights that begins with a "D"  or "DL" in the serial number.

Manufacturer part number: 201-000-191
Fits the following non-rechargeable D cell flashlights that begin WITH a 'D' or 'DL' in the serial number.
2-D Cell
3-D Cell
4-D Cell
5-D Cell
6-D Cell
7-D Cell
Does NOT fit the D cell flashlights without a 'D' in the serial number.
Does NOT fit the LED MagCharger system or ML300 series. See part 265-009 for LED model MagCharger or ML300 series.

201-191 is the tailcap only. If you need the spring please see 108-032 and for the o-ring see 108-207

Weight: 0.09 lbs
Color black
MSRP $18.78
Size d
Voltage $18.78

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Maglite Tailcap fits Halogen MagCharger & D Cell Flashlights that begin with "D" or "DL"

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