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Denaq HP Pavilion DM1 Series 10.8 Volt 4400mAh Replacement Laptop Battery

Fits: COMPAQ MINI 311-1000, 311-1000CA, 311-1000NR, 311-1001TU, 311-1002TU, 311-1003TU, 311-1004TU, 311-1005TU, 311-1006TU, 311-1007TU, 311-1008TU, 311-1009TU, 311-1010TU, 311-1011TU, 311-1012TU, 311-1013TU, 311-1014TU, 311-1015TU, 311-1016TU, 311-1017TU, 311-1018TU, 311-1019TU, 311-1020TU, 311-1021TU, 311-1022TU, 311-1023TU, 311-1024TU, 311-1025TU, 311-1026TU, 311-1027TU, 311-1028TU, 311-1029TU, 311-1030TU, 311-1031TU, 311-1032TU, 311-1033CA, 311-1033TU, 311-1034TU, 311-1035TU, 311-1036TU, 311-1037NR, 311-1037TU, 311-1038NR, 311-1038TU, 311-1039TU, 311-1040TU, 311-1041TU, 311-1042TU, 311-1043TU, 311-1044TU, 311-1045TU, 311-1046TU, 311C-1000, 311C-1000SO, 311C-1005SW, 311C-1010EH, 311C-1010EJ, 311C-1010EN, 311C-1010ER, 311C-1010EV, 311C-1010SA, 311C-1010SB, 311C-1010SG, 311C-1010SL, 311C-1010SP, 311C-1010SS, 311C-1015EA, 311C-1016EA, 311C-1020EO, 311C-1020SA, 311C-1025EL, 311C-1030EI, 311C-1030EZ, 311C-1030SA, 311C-1031EV, 311C-1050SD, 311C-1070EF, 311C-1070SF, 311C-1100, 311C-1101SA, 311C-1110EG, 311C-1110EJ, 311C-1110ER, 311C-1110EW, 311C-1115ER, 311C-1120EC, 311C-1120EQ, 311C-1120SO, 311C-1120SP, 311C-1120SS, 311C-1130EG, 311C-1130EZ, 311C-1140EI, 311C-1150EV, 311C-1150SL, 311C-1150SS, 311C-1170SF
PAVILION DM1-1000, DM1-1001TU, DM1-1002TU, DM1-1003TU, DM1-1004TU, DM1-1005EF, DM1-1005SF, DM1-1005TU, DM1-1006TU, DM1-1007TU, DM1-1008TU, DM1-1010EC, DM1-1010EF, DM1-1010EG, DM1-1010EL, DM1-1010EO, DM1-1010ET, DM1-1010EV, DM1-1010SA, DM1-1010SS, DM1-1010ST, DM1-1015EZ, DM1-1015SS, DM1-1015TU, DM1-1016TU, DM1-1018TU, DM1-1020EA, DM1-1020ED, DM1-1020ER, DM1-1020ES, DM1-1020EZ, DM1-1020SA, DM1-1020SL, DM1-1022TU, DM1-1023TU, DM1-1025TU, DM1-1027TU, DM1-1028TU, DM1-1029TU, DM1-1030EO, DM1-1030ES, DM1-1030SA, DM1-1030TU, DM1-1031TU, DM1-1090EV, DM1-1100, DM1-1100EG, DM1-1101SA, DM1-1101TU, DM1-1102EA, DM1-1102SA, DM1-1102TU, DM1-1103TU, DM1-1109TU, DM1-1110EF, DM1-1110SA, DM1-1110TU, DM1-1111EA, DM1-1115TU, DM1-1116TU, DM1-1117TU, DM1-1118TU, DM1-1119TU, DM1-1121TU, DM1-1122TU, DM1-1124TU, DM1-1125TU, DM1-1126TU, DM1-1128TU, DM1-1130U, DM1-2000, DM1-2001XX, DM1-2002NR, DM1-2004AU, DM1-2010NR, DM1-2010SA, DM1-2011NR, DM1-2040ca, DM1-2050EA, DM1-2100, DM1-2104AU, DM1-2105AU, DM1-2140CA, DM1-3200, DM1-3200SG, DM1-3202AU, DM1-3210US, DM1-3213AU, DM1-3214AU, DM1-3214NR, DM1-3215AU, DM1-3230SF, DM1-3231EF, DM1-3231SF, DM1-3235EF, DM1-3235SF, DM1-3240CA, DM1-3245CA, DM1-3248CA, DM1Z-2000 CTO, DM1Z-2100 CTO, DM1Z-3200 CTO

Replaces: 572831-121, 572831-351, 572831-361, 572831-541, 580029-001, 586029-001, 7F0994, HSTNN-IB0N, HSTNN-OB0N, HSTNN-Q44C, HSTNN-Q45C, HSTNN-UB0N, NBP6A167, NBP6A167B, NBP6A167B1, PT06, PT06047, PT06055, VP502AA, VP502AA#ABB, VP502AA#ABL
This is a 3rd party replacement battery to the original.

Lithium Shipping Restrictions

Due to Government shipping regulations for shipping lithium based batteries (including Lithium Metal, Lithium Ion & Lithium Polymer, Lithium Phosphate or LiFePO4), or items that contain this type of battery, we are no longer shipping these items via Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, 3-Day Select, Priority Mail, or Internationally. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Economy Shipping restrictions: Cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or other US territories outside of the continental 48 states, APO/FPO military addresses or internationally if your order contains a lithium based battery. All other destinations should expect their economy shipping package to arrive within 10 business days but this is not guaranteed by the postal service.

UPS Ground restrictions: Cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii or other US Territories outside of the continental 48 states if your order contains lithium based batteries. All shipments that contain any type of lithium based chemistry battery, including items that have a lithium based battery already installed, must include a special shipping and handling caution label.

If you are unsure about the restrictions for any item that you are ordering and have questions please contact us at +1 (800) 624-8681 Monday – Friday, 8AM - 5PM, ET.

California Proposition 65

Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Visit p65warnings.ca.gov for more information.
Weight: 1.15 lbs
Capacity 4400.0
Capacity Units mAh
Chemistry Li-Ion
Color Black
Connector Type Pressure
Dimension Units Inches
Dropship Dropship Item
Shipping Class Li-Ion
Size 10.8 V
Voltage 10.80

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Denaq HP Pavilion DM1 Series 10.8 Volt 4400mAh Replacement Laptop Battery, NM-HSTNN-IB0N-6

  • Model: NM-HSTNN-IB0N-6
  • UPC: 814352017209
  • Availability: Ships direct from our supplier
  • $38.95