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HP Pavilion DM1 Series 10.8 Volt 5200mAh Replacement Laptop Battery, Denaq DQ-HSTNN-IB0N-6

Fits:  COMPAQ MINI 311-1000, 311-1000CA, 311-1000NR, 311-1001TU, 311-1002TU, 311-1003TU, 311-1004TU, 311-1005TU, 311-1006TU, 311-1007TU, 311-1008TU, 311-1009TU, 311-1010TU, 311-1011TU, 311-1012TU, 311-1013TU, 311-1014TU, 311-1015TU, 311-1016TU, 311-1017TU, 311-1018TU, 311-1019TU, 311-1020TU, 311-1021TU, 311-1022TU, 311-1023TU, 311-1024TU, 311-1025TU, 311-1026TU, 311-1027TU, 311-1028TU, 311-1029TU, 311-1030TU, 311-1031TU, 311-1032TU, 311-1033CA, 311-1033TU, 311-1034TU, 311-1035TU, 311-1036TU, 311-1037NR, 311-1037TU, 311-1038NR, 311-1038TU, 311-1039TU, 311-1040TU, 311-1041TU, 311-1042TU, 311-1043TU, 311-1044TU, 311-1045TU, 311-1046TU, 311C-1000, 311C-1000SO, 311C-1005SW, 311C-1010EH, 311C-1010EJ, 311C-1010EN, 311C-1010ER, 311C-1010EV, 311C-1010SA, 311C-1010SB, 311C-1010SG, 311C-1010SL, 311C-1010SP, 311C-1010SS, 311C-1015EA, 311C-1016EA, 311C-1020EO, 311C-1020SA, 311C-1025EL, 311C-1030EI, 311C-1030EZ, 311C-1030SA, 311C-1031EV, 311C-1050SD, 311C-1070EF, 311C-1070SF, 311C-1100, 311C-1101SA, 311C-1110EG, 311C-1110EJ, 311C-1110ER, 311C-1110EW, 311C-1115ER, 311C-1120EC, 311C-1120EQ, 311C-1120SO, 311C-1120SP, 311C-1120SS, 311C-1130EG, 311C-1130EZ, 311C-1140EI, 311C-1150EV, 311C-1150SL, 311C-1150SS, 311C-1170SF
PAVILION DM1-1000, DM1-1001TU, DM1-1002TU, DM1-1003TU, DM1-1004TU, DM1-1005EF, DM1-1005SF, DM1-1005TU, DM1-1006TU, DM1-1007TU, DM1-1008TU, DM1-1010EC, DM1-1010EF, DM1-1010EG, DM1-1010EL, DM1-1010EO, DM1-1010ET, DM1-1010EV, DM1-1010SA, DM1-1010SS, DM1-1010ST, DM1-1015EZ, DM1-1015SS, DM1-1015TU, DM1-1016TU, DM1-1018TU, DM1-1020EA, DM1-1020ED, DM1-1020ER, DM1-1020ES, DM1-1020EZ, DM1-1020SA, DM1-1020SL, DM1-1022TU, DM1-1023TU, DM1-1025TU, DM1-1027TU, DM1-1028TU, DM1-1029TU, DM1-1030EO, DM1-1030ES, DM1-1030SA, DM1-1030TU, DM1-1031TU, DM1-1090EV, DM1-1100, DM1-1100EG, DM1-1101SA, DM1-1101TU, DM1-1102EA, DM1-1102SA, DM1-1102TU, DM1-1103TU, DM1-1109TU, DM1-1110EF, DM1-1110SA, DM1-1110TU, DM1-1111EA, DM1-1115TU, DM1-1116TU, DM1-1117TU, DM1-1118TU, DM1-1119TU, DM1-1121TU, DM1-1122TU, DM1-1124TU, DM1-1125TU, DM1-1126TU, DM1-1128TU, DM1-1130U, DM1-2000, DM1-2001XX, DM1-2002NR, DM1-2004AU, DM1-2010NR, DM1-2010SA, DM1-2011NR, DM1-2040ca, DM1-2050EA, DM1-2100, DM1-2104AU, DM1-2105AU, DM1-2140CA, DM1-3200, DM1-3200SG, DM1-3202AU, DM1-3210US, DM1-3213AU, DM1-3214AU, DM1-3214NR, DM1-3215AU, DM1-3230SF, DM1-3231EF, DM1-3231SF, DM1-3235EF, DM1-3235SF, DM1-3240CA, DM1-3245CA, DM1-3248CA, DM1Z-2000 CTO, DM1Z-2100 CTO, DM1Z-3200 CTO

Replaces: 572831-121, 572831-351, 572831-361, 572831-541, 580029-001, 586029-001, 7F0994, HSTNN-IB0N, HSTNN-OB0N, HSTNN-Q44C, HSTNN-Q45C, HSTNN-UB0N, NBP6A167, NBP6A167B, NBP6A167B1, PT06, PT06047, PT06055, VP502AA, VP502AA#ABB, VP502AA#ABL

This is a 3rd party replacement battery to the original.

1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Weight: 1.15 lbs
Capacity 5200.0
Capacity Units mAh
Chemistry Li-Ion
Color Black
Connector Type Pressure
Dimension Units Inches
Size 10.8 V
Voltage 10.80

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Denaq HP Pavilion DM1 Series 10.8 Volt 5200mAh Replacement Laptop Battery

  • Model: DQ-HSTNN-IB0N-6
  • UPC: na
  • Availability: Special Order Only
  • $65.80